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About us

Singularity is our thing

At Eigen Fabrikaat we believe in singularity. Because singularity creates cohesion and gives direction for the future. It's standing out by being yourself. Recognizable, but not predictable. Singularity leads to growth.
Singularity is our thing.

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Our process

We've mentioned the word before: singularity. That's what our process is all about. In a (or several) joint workshops we'll take a look at what your Singularity is. From there we create a strategy and get to work. We're medium-free thinkers, are proud of the lack of hierarchy in our office and work closely with our neighbours DDB Unlimited and PR agency OPRG.

All together now

6 creatives, 2 strategists, 10 project managers and account directors, 9 (motion graphic) designers and DTP operators, 2 traffic- and production managers and 2 content producers. A line up to be proud of!

Our work